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The aesthetics of a person's smile is equally essential to their oral health. As dentists, we give equal prominence to both, which is why an entire branch of dentistry is dedicated to improving the smile's appearance. Cosmetic dentistry includes several restorative and non-invasive procedures that aim at improving the aesthetics of the smile. We provide the best quality dental care and make sure our patients always leave our dental practice with a beautiful and happy smile.

What Is Digital Radiography?

Digital x-rays are an excellent option for patients in need of almost every type of x-ray, from bitewing and periapical to sinus and TMJ imaging. Unlike traditional film x-rays that take several minutes to develop before viewing the image, our digital system utilizes digital technology to capture and store images instantly. This means no chemical development or processing is needed! We simply load the image onto a computer screen for immediate viewing and diagnosis by our dentist. This system of capturing and storing images can be a tremendous asset for dentists who are in need of immediate image enhancement or who need to refer a patient out for a second opinion. With our technology, we can quickly provide patients with clear and accurate information about their oral health and diagnose potential problems during the same visit.

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Digital X-Rays in San Jose CA

Another benefit of our digital radiography system is its decreased radiation output. It is important to us that our patients receive the safest possible treatment at every appointment, so we go above and beyond to ensure their well-being and comfort. Our x-ray machines produce up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional film-based systems, which means a safer patient experience and reduced exposure to harmful ionizing radiation. Despite that fact, we still take all necessary safety precautions to protect each one of our valued patients while they receive care in our office. We always use protective lead aprons to shield each patient's torso and thyroid area from the machine's x-ray beam during the procedure, and we do everything possible to limit radiation exposure where it isn't necessary.

X-rays have significant use in the field of dentistry. They are an essential diagnostic tool used to get a better view of the teeth, tooth roots, gums, underlying jawbone and determine the presence of unwanted growth of tissues. At Varni Dental, we use x-ray equipment that produces minimal radiation, making it safer for use on human tissues.

Uses of digital x-rays

X-rays are used for multiple purposes in dentistry, such as:

  • Examining the jawbone structure when patients undergo external trauma
  • Determining the presence of dormant or underlying cavities
  • Jawbone deterioration or shrinkage
  • Confirming the presence of oral cancer in patients
  • Checking for drifting of teeth in the case of missing teeth

We will recommend taking dental x-rays only if absolutely necessary.

Advantages of Digital Radiography

In addition to providing instant images, digital X-rays also provide several other important patient advantages compared to traditional film-based radiography. First, a digital X-ray offers less radiation exposure than a traditional film-based radiograph. The x-ray sensor used in digital cameras converts radiation into light energy that is then converted into digital images by a digital computer inside the unit. This allows for an image in a shorter period of time with less radiation exposure to the patient. In addition, the digital sensors can be designed to fit smaller patients, allowing for better diagnostic views. An added benefit of digital images is the elimination of the need to develop radiographs in a darkroom with harmful chemicals and waste that need to be disposed of properly to avoid harm to the environment. Instead, the images are immediately available for viewing on a computer for fast and easy access to view and share.

Dental X-rays, thus, provide valuable information about your oral and dental health.** Your dentist may recommend dental x-rays if you have signs of tooth decay or abnormal growths such as cysts or tumors. A full set of dental x-rays is recommended for new patients so that the dentist can evaluate any new dental concerns and monitor them over time. Bitewings are recommended every 6-12 months to monitor new concerns and check the progression of prior dental treatments. A full mouth series of x-rays is also recommended every two years to show the complete set of teeth and supporting structures and allow your dentist to check for any changes in the jaw bone and surrounding facial bones.

How Do Digital X-rays Work?

Traditional x-rays had to be developed chemically. When the x-ray was developed, your dentist would have to wait to see the results. However, with digital x-rays, the image is available immediately on a computer screen. This makes viewing and diagnosing conditions much easier for the dentist. The images can also be stored on a computer or sent to a lab electronically to speed up the diagnostic process. This speeds up treatment time as well.

Radiographs and digital x-rays are exactly the same ideas – they are just taken using different technology.

Digital x-ray machines use a small electronic sensor instead of traditional x-ray film and a darkroom. This eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and wasteful disposal of photo-sensitive paper, and it speeds up the imaging process by eliminating the need for chemical processing. This technology has far surpassed the film-based method in accuracy and speed, and ease of transferring images to specialists or insurance companies. At your Varni Dental dentist's office, we use digital x-rays to diagnose cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues. We also use them in full-mouth x-rays, which allow us to gain a full picture of all your teeth and how they relate to each other so that we can provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan.

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