Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dental Checkups

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dental Checkups

Posted by VARNI DENTAL on Dec 3 2021, 04:17 AM

Most people assume that brushing and flossing are sufficient to maintain good tooth health. Although it encourages healthy dental hygiene, it is more than that. That "extra" is provided by a dentist. This is why it is recommended that people visit the dentist once every six months.

Dentists perform dental examinations on individuals to assist evaluate, diagnosing, preventing, and treating underlying dental disorders. Our skilled dentists in San Jose, CA at Varni Dental, use advanced technology to provide better dental treatment. 

What Is Dental Cleaning?

Professional teeth cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining good oral hygiene. It is a procedure that removes plaque and tartar buildup while also preventing periodontal diseases, cavities, and gingivitis. Call us now.

Why You Should Never Skip a Dental Checkup in San Jose, CA

  • It Gives You the Chance to Get Your Teeth Cleaned

Most people have plaque and tartar deposits on their teeth. It is a bacterial layer that can cause a variety of dental problems and infections. Dentists can provide dental cleaning to their patients during routine dental checkups.

  • It Aids in Disease Prevention

A dentist examines the teeth, mouth, and gums with a small concave mirror. It aids in magnifying the view of the area and providing a clearer picture of the mouth. The dentist can detect any signs or symptoms of tooth disorders. They provide patients with treatment that can aid in disease prevention. 

  • It Aids in the Detection of Oral Cancer

Dentists utilize digital imaging technologies to create X-ray images of the mouth during routine dental exams. It aids in the detection of lesions and lumps inside the mouth that may indicate oral cancer. When dentists in San Jose, CA discover these symptoms, they refer patients for additional tests that can aid in the diagnosis of the illness.

  • It Aids in the Detection of Health Issues

A variety of dental illnesses are linked to health difficulties that the patient may be experiencing. It may have consequences for the teeth, resulting in poor oral health. An effective dentist can diagnose problems and recommend treatments that can help address health issues as soon as possible.

  • Visit Us at Varni Dental

Visiting the dentist at the appropriate time will help you avoid dental issues. It can also aid to improve dental care, resulting in bright and sparkling teeth.

Varni Dental, located in San Jose, CA, is a well-equipped dental practice that offers patients the best dental care available. Call (408) 901-0101 to schedule a consultation with the dentist to learn more about dental treatments and to have a comprehensive dental checkup.

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