How to stop teeth grinding

How to stop teeth grinding

Posted by VARNI DENTAL on Dec 29 2020, 08:43 AM

Grinding of the teeth, also termed as bruxism can have severe consequences for your dental health. However, many people do not even realize that they grind their teeth because they do not even know it while they sleep. 

The causes of bruxism are unknown, but stress, anxiety, and neuromuscular conditions such as TMJ can lead to the condition.  

Traditionally, dentist in San Jose, CA used to recommend wearing a nightguard while sleeping as a treatment for bruxism. These orthotic devices can profoundly impact oral health and jaw comfort, making them the standard for teeth grinding treatment. Call us now.

How to Stop Teeth Grinding in San Jose, CA

Various approaches are being followed to end tooth grinding. They includes:

Get a mouthguard in San Jose, CA

Wearing a nighttime mouth guard will protect your teeth from the consequences of teeth grinding that includes wearing down of teeth's enamel.  The custom-made night guards can help keep your teeth safe throughout the night from the effects of teeth grinding.

Start exercising

Stress is also a contributing factor to teeth grinding; adding a few exercise sessions to your weekly routine can give you a release from that stress.

Relax before sleep

In order to relieve the tension and stress sitting in your jaw before you go to bed, practice some relaxing techniques like taking a warm bath before bed to relax jaw muscles, applying a heating pad to your jaw, and drinking herbal, non-caffeinated tea to warm up your mouth.

Massage your jaw muscles

If you feel your jaw clenching up when confronted with a stressful situation, relax your face and give your jaw muscles a massage; this will release the tension built up throughout the day.

Become more conscious of your clenching

Be conscious of your clenching and practice mindfulness to help you relax and let go of anxiety. When you recognize the occurrence of clenching, stop it by dropping your jaw and making your face relaxed.

Stop chewing things all-day

Avoid chewing things throughout the day - gums, ice, etc., as this will keep your jaw clenched.

Avoid Chewy Foods

Avoid those foods that need lots of chewing when your bruxism has flared up. These foods will further wear out your jaw.

If you grind your teeth at night, call us to schedule an appointment to discuss possible solutions to your problem.

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