Myths and Facts on Teeth Whitening

Myths and Facts on Teeth Whitening

Posted by Varni Dental on Jul 2 2021, 10:21 AM

Teeth whitening in San Jose, CA is one of the simplest cosmetic dental procedures that can be completed in a  short time. It is the non-invasive means of removing the stains from the teeth surfaces, which leaves you with a sparkling white smile. Here are a few myths and facts about teeth whitening that would help you make a more educated choice.

Teeth Whitening in San Jose, CA Erodes the Enamel

This is a myth. The teeth whitening method that we use is carried out using a whitening gel rich in hydrogen peroxide. The gel liberates oxygen molecules in abundance, which enter the porous surface of the enamel and bleach the coloring particles, thereby making the teeth whiter. The enamel may erode when you use abrasive toothpaste to brush your teeth, which is mechanical teeth whitening.

All Types of Teeth Can Be Whitened

This is a myth. Not all types of teeth can be whitened, and we will discuss this with you in detail during the initial screening before commencing. Teeth that have developed pigment spots due to the ill-effects of certain antibiotic medication or discolored due to the removal of the dental pulp may not display positive results to teeth whitening procedures. In such instances, we will suggest composite bonding or dental veneers to make them appear whiter. Call us now.

You May Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Of course, you may. Earlier, visiting the dentist’s practice and staying there for a few hours till the procedure is complete was the only means of getting the teeth whitened. But, the advancements in dental technology have enabled dentists in San Jose, CA to provide take-home whitening kits consisting of whitening trays and a whitening gel. You can use them in the comfort of your home as recommended by the dentist for the best results.

The Effects of Teeth Whitening Remain Forever

This is not true. As you consume food, it leaves a residue of microbes on the teeth, which combine with the saliva and form a layer of plaque on them. Furthermore, consuming a lot of colored foods, frequent snacking, smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco, drinking beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine, etc., can discolor the teeth. Maintaining optimum oral hygiene helps to keep them looking whiter for longer.

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