The Need for Pedodontics in Dentistry

The Need for Pedodontics in Dentistry

Posted by Varni Dental on Aug 18 2021, 11:17 AM

Pedodontics is a dental specialty focused on dental issues in children where a pediatric dentist diagnoses and treats dental problems and helps maintain good health. Children require an ample amount of care for their dental health, which helps prevent oral issues that may come in the future. Varni Dental specifies the need for pedodontics through five points that are provided below. 

Teach Oral Hygiene Techniques

It is important to teach the correct method of dental hygiene from a young age. An experienced pediatric dentist can teach children the proper technique of brushing and flossing their teeth. They make the process a fun activity for them. The dentists also suggest the methods to parents, which can be implemented during dental care at home.

Holistic Dental Care

A pediatric dentist adapts a holistic dental care approach for children. They look into the factors that may cause dental issues and avoid thumb-sucking behavior that children tend to have. The dentist also provides fluoride treatment and dental cleanings to children, which helps prevent teeth cavities. A holistic dental care approach enhances the oral hygiene of children. 

Ease Children Through Dental Care

A pediatric dentist is experienced in handling children during a dental appointment. They make the process comfortable by building a rapport before the treatment. The Pedodontics department has a fun environment with activities children can enjoy during their dental appointment. It is also painted in bright colors that attract children. 

Ensure Mouth Development

A pediatric dentist analyzes the growth of teeth and jaws. They detect signs of developmental issues and provide treatment to correct the irregularities. The dentist observes bite conditions and speech impairments and provides an early treatment that aids healthy development. They also prescribe treatments that the child may require in the future for better dental structure.

Avoid Tooth Decay

The sugar consumption of children is considerably high, which makes them prone to tooth decay and cavities. The pediatric dentist uses modern technologies that help to detect tooth decay in its early stages and treats them immediately. The dentist keeps a check on the teeth to prevent decay. Untreated cavities and decay may lead to gum diseases and tooth loss. 

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