The Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Teeth

The Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Teeth

Posted by Varni Dental on Jun 9 2021, 11:11 AM

Dental hygiene is an essential factor that keeps dental diseases away. Good dental care protects our mouth from gum diseases and bad breath. Irregular oral care can lead to the buildup of plaque and bleeding gums. 

Dentists treat this condition through deep cleaning of the mouth. It is a dental process that removes plaque and tartar from the gums and teeth. Varni Dental provides deep cleaning to our patients, which offers the following benefits:

  • Prevents loss of tooth

Gum diseases lead to complications that may lead to loss of teeth. Deep cleaning helps stop the spread of infections created by bacteria. The deterioration of the teeth and the recession of gums can be controlled through the process. The dentist also provides fluoride treatment after deep cleaning that helps to avoid cavities.  

  • Get rid of bad breath

The dirt stuck on teeth and gums causes a foul smell or bad breath. Deep cleaning removes the dirt particles stuck in between the teeth. The dentist provides an antibiotic to the patient, which is used for gargling the mouth after the deep cleaning process. It helps to remove the cause of bad breath and helps to attain. 

  • Lowers the risk of gum disease

The buildup of plaque can cause inflammation in the gums.  It leads to bleeding of the gums, which creates difficulty in brushing and flossing the teeth. Untreated gums may lead to severe infections that deteriorate the bone that supports the teeth. Deep cleaning involves scaling and root planing that helps remove the dirt from the deep pockets of the gumline. 

  • Relieves tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a dental problem that causes difficulty during the consumption of hot and cold food. It is caused by the recession of gums. Dental cleaning helps to gradually reduce the dental condition and protects the teeth in the long run. Some patients experience tooth sensitivity after the deep cleaning process, which is temporary and recedes soon.

These potential benefits help save your teeth from damages. Deep cleaning provides bright and radiant teeth to the patient and avoids dental emergencies. It protects the root of the teeth and offers healthier gums.

Varni Dental, located in San Jose, CA, provides deep cleaning and other dental services to patients. Call (408) 901-0101 and schedule an appointment with the dentistry for a complete dental checkup. 


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