Root Canal Treatment in San Jose CA

Root Canal Treatment in San Jose CA

A root canal infection is caused when the microbes in the mouth enter the root canal cavity and infect the dental pulp. It can be quite a painful and invasive condition, which, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. Hence, we recommend getting such a tooth treated using root canal therapy to save it from being extracted.

What Causes Root Canal Infection?

The leading cause of root canal infection is leaving cavities untreated for a long duration, which eventually allows the microbes to enter the deeper root canal cavity. The microbes in tartar are quite harmful and can infect the dental pulp, causing a root canal infection. Some of the other causes are gum diseases, cracked or broken teeth, untreated oral injuries, etc.

What are its Symptoms?

  • The infected tooth would appear severely discolored from the adjoining healthy teeth
  • Severe pain and discomfort, especially while chewing food, brushing the teeth, etc.
  • Bleeding and discharge of pus from the gums
  • Severe foul breath
  • The infected tooth displays elevated sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • It may gradually loosen from the socket as a result of jawbone deterioration.

How is Root Canal Infection treated?

The dentist will make a hole in the infected tooth to extract the dental pulp. Since this process can be painful, we will administer local anesthesia to numb the tooth, surrounding gums, and underlying jawbone. The decayed pulp will be extracted, and the root canal cavity will be cleaned thoroughly using a jet of water. Before the hole is sealed off using a suitable tooth-closed filling material, antibiotic medication will be placed in it to prevent reinfection.

How is the Tooth Restored?

Removing the dental pulp from the tooth can gradually weaken it, as the tooth wouldn't receive any nourishment or sensation. It would be more susceptible to damage when you bite anything hard or sustain a high-impact blow to the mouth. Hence, we usually recommend getting the tooth restored using a dental crown made from tooth-colored ceramic material. The crown can be customized to match the exact appearance of the adjoining teeth, and it would hold the tooth intact and prevent any damage.

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