Kids Dentistry in San Jose CA

Kids Dentistry in San Jose CA

Dental awareness should start from a very young age, as it sets a platform for the child's oral health in the future. It is advised by most dentists that a child's first oral consultation should be conducted at the age of 6, as it is the ideal age for them to lose their baby teeth and get their permanent teeth. It would be suitable for a dentist to monitor the growth of the teeth at this stage and provide the necessary treatment as required.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentists are specialized and trained to handle the oral concerns of children in particular. They need to go through a couple of extra years of specialization after completing dental school, during which they will be given the necessary training to treat young patients.

What services do Pediatric Dentists provide?

Routine oral consultations: Taking the child for regular oral consultations once every six months is vital. It allows the dentist to thoroughly diagnose their oral cavity, check for cavities, improper growth of the teeth, etc.

Cavity prevention: Cavities are caused due to the microbial activity in the mouth. The microbes deposit on the teeth despite regular brushing and flossing, which eventually become dark tartar deposits. They erode the enamel and decay the tissues underneath. We treat cavities by removing the tartar and decay from the cavity and fill it using a tooth-colored filling, either made from dental-grade ceramic or composite resin.

Monitoring the growth of the teeth:
Taking your child to a pediatric dentist can have a lot of benefits, among which monitoring the development of their teeth is an important one. The dentist makes sure the baby teeth fall off / are removed on time, allowing the permanent teeth to erupt on time. This gives them perfectly aligned teeth that would last a lifetime.

Fluoride treatment:
Fluoride treatment is conducted to increase the volume of fluoride - an essential mineral in the teeth. It increases the teeth' immunity to microbes and cavities, thus helping you maintain a healthier mouth.

Orthodontic solutions: Orthodontics aims at correcting the misalignment of the teeth using orthodontic appliances, such as braces and Invisalign. The dentist will thoroughly diagnose the mouth and suggest the right orthodontic solution.

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