Oral Surgery: Everything you Need to Know

Oral Surgery: Everything you Need to Know

Posted by VARNI DENTAL on Sep 29 2021, 08:22 PM

Deformities in the mouth and jaw can cause various dental conditions. It hampers the appearance of the person, which affects their confidence and self-esteem. Oral Surgery helps to treat the condition and provide restoration to the patient. At Varni Dental, the expert dentists provide oral surgery through unique and effective treatment plans.

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral Surgery is a surgical procedure to correct the deformities in the jaw and the mouth of the person. There are various types of oral surgery like Maxillofacial surgery, gum graft, tooth implants and root canal. Impacted wisdom teeth are removed through oral surgery. It is performed by dental specialists like endodontists, periodontists, and prosthodontists. 

The dentist uses a digital imaging system to analyze the requirement of oral surgery for the patient. Oral surgeries can be simple or complex, depending on the type of dental condition. 

Facts About Oral Surgery

  • Oral surgery helps to replace the tooth and offers good durability. 
  • It prevents loss of tooth and addresses the underlying problem
  • Oral Surgery enhances the appearance of the person.
  • The treatment enhances the self-esteem and confidence of the patient.
  • Oral surgery helps to treat conditions like overbite and Temporomandibular Joints. 

Important Aspects of Oral Surgery

Each oral surgery has different procedures which provide a different outcome. The dentists advise the patients to follow proper care after the surgery for better healing and recovery purposes. Patients are instructed to avoid particular food for 48 hours after the treatment. They should also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for a while, as they can disrupt the healing process. The dentists suggest using an ice pack after the surgery as it helps reduce the swelling in the area of treatment. 

The recovery period differs according to oral surgery and can range from 48 hours to one month. The dentists advise the patients to rinse the youth with salt water after eating food which helps to keep out bacteria. Regular follow-up at the dentistry helps to analyze the changes after the surgery.

Varni Dental, located in San Jose, CA, is an equipped dentistry that provides effective treatments to the patient after proper diagnosis of the dental condition. The patients are provided an ideal treatment plan that can give a desirable outcome. Call  (408) 901-0101 and schedule an appointment with the dentistry to know more about oral surgery. 

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